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Dr Matthew Prior

Matt Prior

Why I have my own website

The usual response when people find out I have my own website is to laugh. I mean–who does he think he is to have his own website? It’s a self-promotional loser or geeky thing to do.

To say I have a very public website, I’m actually very private about it. I rarely talk about my website and doubt many people actually make it here. So why did I bother?

In the modern world, when you hear about someone for the first time and want to do some research, the first place to turn is Google.

The top hits are usually social media profile pages. Recently, I’ve been convinced by the argument that you can be better off without social media. So why allow Facebook and Twitter to dictate how you’re perceived on the web? I wanted to be in control.

Who knows what’s going to happen in the future.  I’d already registered a domain name when I lost all my email, so I took the next step and built my own website to take control of my online presence.

Building a website was a bit of a challenge, which was also part of the appeal. I had to learn how to set up hosting, think about content management and make it look how I wanted. It’s a bit more complicated than just hitting post, like or share on Facebook, but the outcome is more satisfying.

Some people use their website and social media for shameless self-promotion. This is not my intention. I simply want to share things other people might find useful.

June 26, 2020 | @DrMattPrior