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Dr Matthew Prior

Matt Prior

Why I have my own email address

Like most people, I’ve had several email accounts, starting with Hotmail which I set up as a teenager. When I graduated from medical school, I was proud to claim my noticeably more professional @doctors.org.uk email. All went well until the day I lost all my email.

I refreshed my inbox several times, but everything was gone. A few hours later an apologetic email landed in my empty inbox to say there had been a technical error and they would do their best to recover my emails. I appreciated the apology but I never got my emails back.

I was determined not to let this happen again. I set up a new account @me.com, but migrating to this Apple account was a real pain. I needed a permanent solution.

Why is keeping an email address not as simple and transferring your telephone number when switching network providers?

My solution was to register my own domain. I can now easily switch providers, but keep my own personal address.

June 25, 2020 | @DrMattPrior